Ability Central, formerly known as the Disability Communications Fund (DCF), has been making grants and collaborating with community leaders to improve communication and information access for people with disabilities since 2010.

Who We Are:

•  At the core of our mission is the recognition of the diversity and unique capabilities of people with disabilities.
• Ability Central is looking to expand our collaboration with the disability community, our grantees, and other funders who are passionate about serving people with disabilities.

• We believe the ability to communicate is a fundamental human right and our quest is to ensure that more people enjoy this right fully. Ability Central also speaks to our role as an ally, a convener, and a funder as we foster collaboration and serve as a community resource hub to the disability community.

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Woman in a power wheel chair typing on her speech generating device. Circle time with young kids with Down Syndrome practicing their numbers Girl with headphones taking a hearing test

We are currently in the process of rebuilding our grant website
For more information about our grantmaking programs, please visit our What We Fund page.

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